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August 19, 2022

Samantha started work in the piercing industry in 2005, working at a studio in Encinitas, CA. During that time she expanded her knowledge from all basic piercings, to advanced and large gauge, as well as developing a reputation for experience in genital piercings. Her highest priority is to provide clients with piercings that help them look and feel their best, all while being gentle and efficient in the piercing room. Samantha has an overwhelming love for nature and being outside in forests, canyons, deserts and mountains or enjoying long cross-country drives to go hiking, climbing, and camping with her favorite person in the world, her dog Gypsy. Sometimes you can even find them on a hillside searching for cool stones to make jewelry out of…or soaking in a natural hot spring.

Sam spent many years with us in Colorado and Salt Lake City. You can now find her at our Portland studio. If you're lucky, you'll catch her as she travels to our other locations in her role as our Piercer Training Specialist.


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