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Monica Sabin

November 15, 2016

Coming from South Florida, Monica Sabin discovered a career in body piercing in 2010. Acquiring a degree in Psychology from University of Central Florida, Monica has a driving passion of calmly guiding people through the piercing experience and being a catalyst for people to meet their body piercing goals. This same passion has manifested itself in her extensive volunteer work with the Association of Professional Piercers (APP), helping educate piercers and studios on safe practices for body piercing. Recently, she has accepted a sponsorship with NeilMed Piercing Aftercare to become a sponsored NeilMed Piercing Pro, offered only to a select handful of other professional piercers. All of this work is fostered by a love for the ritual aspect of the experience and even body suspension. In her down time, Monica finds the space to enjoy sushi, anime and all the cuddles with her two “smoosh-faced furbabies”.


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