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  • Piercing Service in SLC


IRIS SLC is a walk-in only studio

Here are a few things to know before coming in:

  • We take our last walk-in approximately 30 minutes before we close.
  • Piercing Service price does not include jewelry.
  • Please bring your valid photo ID showing that you are 18+
  • MINORS: Your parent must be with you with their picture ID and your birth certificate. If you are under 13 a picture ID for you is not required. If you are 13 or older, you must also bring a picture ID (school ID, passport, etc)
    • Piercings for minors are limited to earlobes age 5+, cartilage/helix and nostril age 14+. We do not offer any other piercings to minors.



    Piercing Service in SLC



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