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IRIS Named "Top Spots To Get Piercings In Denver"

May 31, 2016

While body piercings and face piercings were once frowned upon by mainstream society, these days, they’re as common as color-treated hair. A piercing can help you express your personality, give you access to a wider range of accessories and complement a feature that you’re proud of. From dainty nose studs to other body piercings, there are many ways to rock body jewelry. If you’re looking to add a new piercing to the collection, or if you are a piercing novice, check out these shops and find your latest accessory.

Iris Body Piercing
216 E. 13th Ave.
Denver, CO 80206
(720) 382-2639

Take your piercing game to the next level at Iris Body Piercing. This shop specializes solely in body piercing, and brings a high-end jewelry experience. With pieces that are unique and gorgeous, Iris Body Piercing is the perfect place to get a new piercing or find some new jewelry. The shop and all of its equipment are sterilized, and the piercers make every customer feel comfortable. If you’re looking for a clean and laid-back environment in which to get your piercing, or are in the market for some cool new jewelry, give this shop a try.


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