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Iris Body Piercing offers you a modern and safe experience without compromise.

We provide only the highest quality body jewelry and clean technique along with friendly care and excellent service. We pride ourselves in giving the best experience in a comfortable and stylish environment. We are friendly, we respect your privacy, and we work well together so you will enjoy your time at Iris.

At Iris Body Piercing you can find an extensive selection of jewelry imported from all over the world. Made from only the highest quality materials, we carry titanium, stainless steel, niobium, gold, silver, platinum, stone, glass, plus much more.

Above all else, we practice a professional, safe and clean piercing environment. All our equipment used during your piercing or jewelry change is 100% disposable. This means that once something is used, it is thrown away, and never used again. We are a participant in the Sterilizer Monitoring Program administered by Northbay / BioScience, LLC.

Iris Body Piercing requires a valid ID with DATE OF BIRTH to be presented before getting pierced. You must be 18 years of age to get pierced.

If you are under the age of 18: Iris Piercing requires a parental guardian to accompany the minor with a valid birth certificate as well as their own ID matching the name on the birth certificate.


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