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 >>As of 1/16/2023, Chicago's COVID-19 risk level is MEDIUM. Masks are still required in studio, regardless of vaccination status. Please arrive prepared.<<

As of December 2021, we do not offer piercings for people under the age of 18, even with parental consent. This change is permanent.

As of January 25th, 2023, there is a $15 service fee for jewelry changes to cover materials and tools, as well as your piercer's time/expertise.

Metered street parking is available on Lincoln Ave, Wilson Ave, and Eastwood Ave. We know that traveling in the city can be unpredictable; please allow adequate time for travel & parking so that you arrive on time to your appointment! The late policy still applies if you are late due to traffic or difficulty finding parking, including during the holiday season.

Each person must have their own appointment in order to receive a service, and you may need to book a week or more in advance if you are scheduling appointments for multiple people who want to get pierced back to back.

Chicago stocks primarily gold jewelry, which means only a small selection of titanium ends are available in the studio. The web store displays a cross-section of some of the most popular designs through all IRIS locations, and it does not reflect current studio stock or availability.

If you have questions regarding the availability of a specific design or material, please reach out to us via email or the live chat!

Be sure you are booking in the correct time zone when choosing an appointment time. Times shown are in the time zone you are currently in, not the time zone of the studio you will be visiting. 


Maddie Claustro: Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday

Ali Pope: Monday, Tuesday 12-3, Thursday, Friday


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