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  • Cabochon Earring - Salmon Coral
  • Cabochon Earring - Salmon Coral
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  • Cabochon Earring - Salmon Coral


Looking for a single stone piece, but something a little less flashy than our single gem earrings? Then these are perfect! If looking for something for your nostril piercing you'll most likely be happiest with a 2mm. The small 2mm and 2.5mm are also great accents on the ear. The larger sizes (3mm and 4mm) are best suited for your helix or earlobe.


 Size: 2mm - 4mm

 Material: Titanium

 Gemstone cut: cabochon

 Connection Style: press-fit

 Fits any threadless press-fit post. If you buy it with a post in the options, the post is an 18g 1/4". That's the most common size for a healed ear piercing.

 Want to be specific with your post size or already have a post? Choose the Front End Only option!

If you want to be specific with your post size, choose the perfect one here!



Cabochon Earring - Salmon Coral


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