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Chelsie - Piercer/Manager

February 22, 2024

She/Her - Chelsie began at IRIS as a Gallery Assistant in 2010. While Chelsie has always loved helping and connecting with people, this opportunity allowed her to discover the magic that is boosting the confidence of others through piercing and finding the perfect piece of jewelry to fit their anatomy. Learning to pierce allowed her the creative freedom to create unique looks, noticing potential to highlight fun piercing placements. Even after years of being a piercer, Chelsie still gets so excited for that first moment when a client gets to look at their new piercing in the mirror, when they realize they overcame the fear and did what they came to do. Chelsie holds her role in that process as one that is very dear to her heart.

Since her beginning in the studio Chelsie has continued to grow and learn- to the point that she is able to share that knowledge with her team members and help to teach developing piercers at IRIS. She was even able to get outside of her comfort zone and teach a class at the annual Association of Professional Piercers conference. Chelsie has been a member of the APP since 2016 and values continuing her education, attending Camp APP; a Member’s Retreat annually.

While she is usually in the studio organizing some kind of project, helping train a new piercer, or visiting another IRIS location, she has piercing shifts in SLC periodically. Whether she is piercing or not, Chelsie is always happy to say hello, talk jewelry, or help with your piercing needs. On her off days you can find Chelsie out in the canyons with her dogs, tending to her plants, or doing some sort of aerial art.


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