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Eric - Piercer

February 22, 2024
I've been fascinated by piercings and body modifications ever since I saw them in National Geographic as a kid. However, I was relatively late to experience it for myself. I didn't get my first piercing until I was around 22, and I've been hooked ever since. I began my piercing career in Kansas City 16 years ago. Since then, I've traveled to and worked in cities like Seattle and San Francisco before joining IRIS in Salt Lake City. What I love most about piercing is guiding people through their transformational journey—from the moment they first step through the door to when they leave the studio with their new addition. 
Away from the piercing studio, I lead an active life. As a child, I was a gymnast, and later I discovered passions for parkour, rock climbing, trail running, mountain biking, and more. When I'm not at the shop, I'm usually in the mountains.
Instagram: @parkour_piercer
Pronouns: He/They


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