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Tyler - Piercer

February 22, 2024
Tyler started in the piercing industry in 2008 and has been piercing full time since 2009. After piercing in Indiana for a few years he moved to work in Tennessee.  Then in 2019 he moved to Colorado to help manage the IRIS locations in Denver and in Boulder.  At the beginning of 2021, Tyler then moved to join our SLC team. 
Over Tyler’s piercing career he has gained experience and skill in working with young kids to get their ears pierced, multi-point ear piercing projects, and even genital piercings. He has traveled to many different states to lend his services to the studios of his friends as a guest piercer, gaining the trust of the clientele quickly and providing them with a service they could expect from their favorite local studios. 
2012 was the first time Tyler attended an Association of Professional Piercer’s (APP) Conference. He has attended almost every year since, that has been held. The following year, in 2013, is when Tyler became an APP Member and has maintained his membership ever since. He has also attended a few Camp APP events that are a branch of the APP’s educational conference. His favorite continued education event he attended was the first offering of the Comprehensive Body Piercing Intensive at the Fakir Intensives in San Fransisco. Tyler even went back to attend the Fakir Musafar Advanced Intensives at the beginning of 2024, the first such offering in 5 years.


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