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This earring is part of the Pupil geometric collection! These have wonderful attention to detail. Check out the 360 view and you'll see how the light plays with the different textured and polished angles!

The front has a small rectangle that features four disproportionate angles. One of the angles is high polished and the other three have texture added.

The post has a small half bead that provides comfort in all areas whether it be in an earlobe, nostril or cartilage piercing.

Made from 14k solid gold and comes with a 14k solid gold post.

Size: 18g

Material: solid 14k gold

Gemstone: N/a

Connection Style: push-pin

14k solid gold end with a 14k solid gold post. The post is an 18g 1/4". That's the most common size for a healed ear piercing.

Want to be specific with your post size? Buy your perfect size here.






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