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August 19, 2022

Since Priscilla can remember they have tried to push boundaries with their personal appearance. While working as a fashion stylist in Detroit, before moving to Brooklyn, Priscilla was focused on making their clients as comfortable as possible in their body, while pushing their stylistic boundaries. This same sentiment is put into their work here at Iris, using jewelry and placement of piercings to create a unique curation for their clients. Their favorite part of their day is getting ready in the morning because they have the opportunity to transform themselves into whoever they want to be before they face the world. It’s important for them to create something everyday, whether it be repurposing clothes in the morning to make the perfect outfit, drawing in the park, embroidering patches for their friends, or throwing around ideas for their project. Harmony within themselves and the studio are top priorities for them, so when you come into the studio you’ll probably catch Priscilla making sure everyone is comfortable and knowledgeable their experience.


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