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September 03, 2022

Ro was once on the path to be in the medical field but ever since their passion for art was revived during the pandemic they have been on the alternative arts pathway. With the main goal to enter the body modification industry; Ro began their journey 2 years ago as a receptionist at a tattoo shop in Park Slope. Ro has now been at Iris for almost a year and wishes to continue further. Hoping to provide an enthusiastic energy to every interaction, their main goal is to provide comfort to those desiring to modify their body or join the industry.

Currently, they are on the journey in their tattoo apprenticeship, and aspires to become a piercing apprentice which will allow them to provide the best of both worlds. While they have so much to learn, Ro is dedicated to the functionality of body modification, aiming to further their knowledge. From their education they wish to provide the appropriate steps to one’s modification journey; as they provide assistance with clients choosing the jewelry and curating a style that works for the healing and aesthetic of that client.

Outside of continuing their work in the body modification world, you can find Ro bingeing the next anime show on the block, or finding the mangas to said anime. Being inspired by Japanese culture and the art style of anime, this drives Ro’s creative mind, and inspires their art style. You can also find them next to a nintendo switch and 3DS obsessing over what pokemon team works the best in that journey (Platinum/Generation 4 is the best one, followed by Generation 5), or multitude of different game genres.  You can always find out what they are up to through their instagram @yeetusmcleetusgayboymcfeetus!


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